The house

Can Travé is a country house specially suited for those who love the open air, since it was built close to the nature while offering, at the same time, good communications, thanks to its privileged location, at the very centre of the village of Crespià. Can Travé was built in thetypical style of traditional Catalan “masies” (countryhouses), as our guests will be able notice, for instance, in the ceiling rafters, decorated with rhomboidal Catalan tiles, and in the figures carved in stone which decorate the walls.

Thanks to its excellent location, close to the nature, the house is very fresh, and thus it appears as the ideal place to spend the summer holidays, when temperatures begin to mount.

  •   3 double rooms (1 of them a suite) and 1 with 2 beds.
  •   Up to 8 guests
  •   Traditional country style
  •   Heating and conditioned air
  •   Big fully-equipped lounge / dining-room
  •   Fully equiped kitchen (oven, vitroceramics, fridge, etc.)
  •   Large terrace with big table, chairs and a barbecue
  •   ...

There are four types of rooms in Can Travé, all of them built in a traditional country style: three double rooms and a single one. Among the double rooms there is a suite which includes a bathroom and a fireplace. The furniture perfectly suits the atmosphere of these rooms: a rural, austere style dominated by the strong character of the stone walls and the ceiling covered by wooden beams.

Can Travé also offers its guests a big lounge/dining-room, fully equipped in order to fulfil their needs concerning leisure and amusement: TV, fireplace, a table for eating, natural light from the outside, a couch, etc. The light of the house is also austere and its warm reddish tones inspire well-being and comfort to our customers.

Besides, Can Travé has a kitchen which remains at the entire disposal of our guests and includes all the necessary equipment to get the most sophisticated dishes with no need to leave the house. Indeed, the kitchen of Can Travé has an oven, vitroceramics, a fridge and, obviously, all the cooking tools which might be needed.

Finally, one of the great advantages of this house lays on its large terrace, most appropriate to enjoy a delicious, fresh summer night, as well as for sunbathing. This terrace is equiped with a big table and chairs, where our guests will be able to taste the most refreshing meals of this summer, as well as a barbecue and a grapevine, from which our clients can pick grapefruit whenever they wish so.